Equipment and Process Capabilities


  • IVDS has it’s own in- house fabrication Lab for;
    Contract Development and Consulting
    Portable and Affordable Point-of-Care Devices
    Test Strip and Meter Integration
    Dry Chemistry Development
    Microfluidic Design
    Protein and Enzyme Stabilization
    Rapid Whole Blood Separation
    Novel Colorimetric Assay Development
    Control Solution Development and Stabilization

IVDS has a Mirwek coater (immersion bath) to impregnate blood separation materials and reagent membranes.

Dremel 3D printer IVDS utilizes a 3D modeling to fabricate prototype test strip housings

IVDS using laser etching and cutting for prototyping

IVDS uses a NIST traceable Konica Minolta Full Scan Reflectometer (350-700 nm) to identify the lambda max of the indicators; the end-color intensity of test strips; the color transition of test strips and for stability testing
IVDS utilizes a UV/Vis spectrophotometer with heat bath as a reference instrument to correlate the end-color intensity of the test strips to liquid reagent assays.
Ultra precise slitting
IVDS has a commercial label maker to color match and print “pictograms” with color blocks for semiquantitative test strips.
IVDS develops novel testing technologies for the healthcare, veterinary, and consumer markets. IVDS scientists have helped bring 10 FDA-approved products to market over their careers in diagnostics.
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